卡哇乌岛是一个风景优美的岛屿,北面50公里 cq9跳高高网站 在豪拉基海湾. 岛上有许多沙滩、步道和小袋鼠观赏区! 

卡瓦乌岛是以一种以该岛为家的鸟类命名的. The island is the former residence of Sir George Grey, who built the Mansion House here in the 1860s. Visitors can wander around this magnificent building and get a very real sense of Victorian island life.

Take a tea break at the Mansion House tearooms (summer only) and imagine being chatelaine of this nature-rich estate. 格雷是一个著名的动物爱好者,他把许多野生的和奇妙的动物介绍到卡瓦乌. 看看你是否能发现在风景中漫游的小袋鼠和孔雀. A former centre for copper mining, 你仍然可以看到旧矿井和矿工定居点的遗迹, dotted around the island, 包括Bon Accord的冶炼厂和Mine Point的引擎厂.

你只要来回走两小时,就可以游览所有的景点. If you'd rather just chill out, there are a plethora of sheltered, 沙滩, upon which you can while away the day. 岛上有几处私人度假屋可供出租, 那里也有大约70名永久居民. 船只可以安全地停泊在北湾和邦雅阁港, where there is also a shop, 电话和加油停止. 或者,从Warkworth附近的Sandspit乘坐一艘普通客船.


船只定期从沃克沃斯附近的沙湾出发. 从cq9跳高高网站, 沿着SH-1向北走, all the way to Warkworth (56km), then go right onto Sandspit Road, to the town and boat harbour.